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Frank Castle, also known as The "Punisher" is a Boss in Altered Escape.


The Punisher has different health values compared to other PMCs and Scavs.

Punisher's Health Stats
PunisherHealthOverview.jpg Head: 250

Thorax: 300

Stomach: 220

Arms: 160 each

Legs: 140 each

Total: 1370

Instead of the typical x4 single slot pockets, he has four 2x2 slot pockets bringing their total space to 16 slots.


The Punisher has a small chance to spawn at any time in any of the maps.


The Punisher tends to patrol areas alone, and can be heard talking from a much further distance than a normal scav/boss. When spotting a player, he will yell and engage the player similar to Killa.


The Punisher has extremely powerful gear and weaponry and knows how to use them. However, his helmet/mask is unarmored. The best strategy is to aim for his head while using cover.

Punisher Slick


  • Level 6 Punisher Slick
  • Punisher Mask
  • Kitted M4A1 preset with magazines and ammo OR
  • Kitted Vector preset with magazines and ammo

    Punisher Mask

Random Chance to get:

  • Mechanism Backpack
  • Small Medcase
  • Small Sicc Case
  • Provisions
  • Medical Supplies


  • The voice clips are taken from the Marvel TV show/movies.
  • The weapon presets that he is using are also based on weapons from the media.
  • The A.I. is based on Killa

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