Altered Escape Community Wiki

Modifications are packages meant to change the gameplay of AlteredEscape. This includes custom weapons and items, game mechanic changes, and fun alterations.

Mods Installation

Most mods come in the form of a .zip, .7z, or a .rar. You can extract the folder inside in your Server's mod directory, located under User/Mods. It is recommended to use whatever program suits the compressed file, ie. Winrar for .zip and .rar, 7zip for .7z, as Winrar has been known to corrupt .7z packages.

The mod format is: ModAuthor-ModName-ModVersion, any alterations to this will cause the mod to not load properly, if at all. Be sure that if you are downloading from Github, that you download the releases and not the source code.

Once installed, your folder should look something like this:

Mods Folder1.png

Mod List

Pre-Installed Mods

As of 2.1.0, these mods will be combined into the "AE-Mods" folder.

Mod Name Author Current Version Link
Gambling c0pyright 1.0.3
Classic Mode c0pyright 1.0.2
Ironman Mode Estam Nar 1.0.5
Trader Stock Overhaul King 1.0.0
12.11 Assets Kovacs 1.0.0
Adcases Kovacs 1.0.0
Arsenal Kovacs 1.0.0
International Attention Kovacs 1.0.0
Punisher Boss Kovacs 1.0.0
M1014 SamSWAT/Kovacs 1.0.0
All Items Examined TheMaoci 1.0.0
AlteredEscape Compatible Mods

These mods have been tested or made to work with Altered Escape version

*For Jugador's All-In-One mod change cacheBase to base in tamper.js, then clear cache.

Mod Name Author Current Version Link
Daily Quests c0pyright 1.0.4
Live Prices c0pyright 1.1.0 Only Available to Patrons on Patreon
Neural Ammo FireEqual 1.0.0 Only Available to Altered Escape Staff
Hideout Shopping List Jake Loustone 1.0.0
Hideout Quality of Life (QoL) Jizera 1.0.0
All-in-One* Jugador 2.1.4
Minjectors Jugador 2.1.0
Quality of Life (QoL) King 1.0.3
BossLabs Kotik Sol 1.0.0
Better Weather RNG Kovacs/Zupercb 1.0.0
Customizin' Containers Kyodan 1.1.0
Earnin' Extracts Kyodan 1.1.0
Gleamin' Goggles Kyodan 1.1.0
Reducin' Recoil Kyodan 1.1.0
Sizin' Stashes* Kyodan 1.1.0
DrumVest Life 1.0.0
Life's Mechanisms Life 1.1.7
Life's Scripts Life 1.0.0
Weapons in All Slots Life 1.0.2
Big Bertha Mag MRV 1.0.0
MoreClaps Pixel 1.0.0
Better Loot Saturni Luna 1.0.1
Glock18 Expanded Viridian 1.0.0
MKG-45 Viridian 1.0.0
GlockBased [𝚁 𝙴 𝙳 𝙰 𝙲 πšƒ 𝙴 𝙳] 1.0.0
HKBased [𝚁 𝙴 𝙳 𝙰 𝙲 πšƒ 𝙴 𝙳] 1.0.1