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This guide will show you most features added in Altered Escape along with additional information

This guide will show you what you are most likely to see first.

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Starting Profiles

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Altered escape has different starting profiles then standard JET or Live instead of starting with a armory like you do in JET/Live you start with a more reasonable amount of gear depending on what profile you choose, Assault has general infantry gear, Medic has medical equipment and so on. Each profiles have different variant depending if you choose USEC or BEAR, BEAR will have russian guns nad USEC will have more american guns.

Below is a few example of some profiles

Assault bear.pngScreenshot 2021-07-24 172621.png

Dynamic Traders

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You may have noticed some traders are missing random items, dont worry this is normal! Traders have a Dynamic stock system where each restock they have different item pulled from what would be their normal inventory, so ll1 prapor wont have ll3 prapor items, this is so Players go out looting more

Below is a few example



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You probably noticed a new trader called Nugent, Nugent is still very much work in progress and currently serves just as a way to get the new containers and a few new guns. He does however have a few quests but they are placeholder quest and not recommended to be completed as they can be quite buggy

Dynamic Inventories

Bots have a progressive inventory that applies to all bots, from scavs to bosses, this system works on brackets, each 10 level is a bracket and bots will have gear that represents your bracket or lower, so if your say level 6, bots will be from level 0 to level 10 and would have low end weaponry such as SKS,PP-91 or similar weaponry, once you reach say level 25 you will have bots that will be levelled from 0 to 30 with more advanced weaponry, along side with the lower level brackets, this is to make it so you dont see meta super chads on your first raid and get op gear early game, and makes it similar to a early wipe experience

Flea Market

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The Flea Market in Altered Escape is unlocked at Level 0 but requires the use of a item to activate it, the said item being a Tarkorola Pre-paid Card it will give you 5 minutes of access to a dynamic flea market which acts somewhat like the dynamic traders system, certain items are missing/out of stock