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What Is Altered Escape?

Altered Escape is a complete overhaul for Escape from Tarkov, made possible by JustEmuTarkov (JET) and the MelonLoader module by Config Freaks.

Altered Escape is a community driven passion project and reimaging of Escape From Tarkov, through overhauling existing features and adding new ones, to enrich and enhance the player experience.


  • Dynamic Enemy System – Complete overhaul to the AI generation system. You will now fight enemies that scale with your character level.
  • Dynamic Trader System – Traders will sell out of equipment and have randomized stock.
  • Custom Traders - Additional traders have been added to the game
  • Flea Market Restrictions – Flea market now requires an access key. The key will grant you 5 mins of access.
  • Completely new starting profiles.
  • Tons of new equipment, including around 18 new weapons.
  • 2 new ammo types, the .30-06 Springfield and .50 Beowulf.
  • 1 new boss, The Punisher.
  • Want a harder or easier experience? - Check out modifications, featuring many game-changing or just Quality of Life mods.
  • Many, many other features, for hardcore style players as well as casuals!

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